Overcoming the Programmer Imposter Syndrome

Mohammad Alim
2 min readNov 29, 2022


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1. Build a Project Portfolio

Before making it big in the tech, it becomes necessary to choose a skill that you want to work in. Take a bootcamp, course, resources available on the internet but be sure to ace everything that has been set up for you as backing out for even a day can be disastrous in terms on the momentum that is built over time while learning things.

2. Engage with Coding Communities

Doing it all alone is a no-brainer as it may sound interesting at the start but in the long run, there are going to be circumstances and situations that will pull you back and having a study group or cohorts are going to keep you mentally sane. Slow and steady wins the race and it is indeed true in terms of this endeavor.

3. Start a DEV Blog or a Video Blog ( Youtube or E-Learning Service)

Human is a social animal. In terms of upskilling, if you use the technology wisely by sharing your ideas and methods to the masses, there are going to be alot of pros and cons that you are going to be exposed to and it is indeed helpful as behavioral, pedagogical and social skills are going to improve if you go for it.

4. Wise Usage of Productivity Tools

Tools like Notion, Trello, Pomodoro and not to forget Excel are an humongous success for a reason. They all helped me the tech professional I am today. I used them for my habits, routines, study schedules, track progress and dozens of small tasks.

5. Mock Interviews from the Right Personalities

Now that you have your shoes tied for the final sprint with all the tech skills, one must give interviews. Note there are services like Topmate where direct one on one guidance from industry professionals can be acquired at a go.

Try giving mock interviews until you feel comfortable sitting for actual interviews.

6. Bonus

Kanban method is a gem and If effectively used with Pomodoro, it is a deadly combo that can land you the job you are looking for. This is off-topic but if talking about habits, meditation, chill coding music and good diet are important for making it big out there. Maybe a good coding playlist blog someday.

Leetcode has all the interview based coding platforms to be well-equipped with Data Structures and Algorithms, System Design and Database based questions asked in Interview.

Theoretical Questions are available on InterviewBit with in-depth clarity and well-structured details and explanations. In case you want the link to get access to career page of companies lying under the Fortune 500. There you go:




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