My Experience as Web Development Intern For LetsGrowMore

Mohammad Alim
2 min readDec 21, 2021


LGMVIP though the lenses of Alim

Hello, today I am going to share my experience from the learning I took by working as a Web Developer Intern at Let’s Grow More(LGM) through their Virtual Internship Program(LGMVIP 2021).

It started when I get to know about this internship while I was done with Basic Web Development and was getting my hands dirty in Front End Libraries like React. It was not for long that I received a mail which read that the internship was starting the very next week. I was excited for this new challenge and more importantly, believed in myself because it was also the month where we have our end semesters scheduled.

The orientation session pumped me up to do even better as I was done with all the learning and it was time to do some real application work. The requirements of the internship were to complete at least two tasks out of the three listed tasks as follows :-
- Beginner Level Task :- Create a Single Page Website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
- Intermediate Level Task :- Create a simple Web Application using Create-React-App. The application had to fetch an API link in order to display the user data.
- Advanced Level Task :- Student Result Management System using HTML, CSS, JavaScript for FrontEnd and PHP and MySQL for BackEnd.

What did I do in the Internship?

The couple of tasks that I performed during the tenure of the internship were as follows:

Create a Single Page Website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

An E-Commerce Website that is divided has four sections, A Navigation Bar, Deal Info, Item List and a Customer Support Page. It is built on HTML, CSS concepts like Box Model, Flexbox and Javascript for Form Validation was used in the website. The Youtube sessions held by LetsGrowMore helped me understand on how to execute this task and learnt a lot in this project.

Create a simple Web Application using Create-React-App.

This was the other task in my LetsGrowMore internship where I had to create a react app and this app had a requirement where it should fetch an API link to show the data of the user which was their name, email and ID number. although I was not familiar with Front End libraries, this task helped me to push my boundaries and try and work on something new which was an amazing experience and it made me realize I had good Javascript foundation too.


It was truly fantastic to have such a knowledgeable experience where I learned from the mentors, got into touch with other student in the web development community and gained the application skills that are going to take me places in the future. I suggest you you to check the Official Website to get the Virtual Internship Program .I wish you all the best for future.



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